Friday, April 13, 2012

WIll we ever figure little Livy out!

So up until Monday Liv had been eating like a champ!  We finally thought we had figured it out and turned a corner.  Well Monday all hell broke loose and she went form eating 22-24oz in a day to 15.  She had gone back to her old ways.  We had an appointment today at Children's and they decided to add another medicine to her regiment.  We will see if it works.  We also have been enrolled in a feeding and nutrition program at Children's. We go for a 3-4 hour appointment and we meet with another GI doctor, a feeding therapist, a nutritionist and an infant physiologist ( This one I am curious to meet).  Together we feed her and go over everything and hopefully come up with a plan and maybe figure out if it is just silent reflux with a slight aspiration.   The good news is she as been gaining but I am worried for how long.  She also hit a milestone and rolled over from back to front at her 4 month doctors appointment on Wednesday.  Aria has started to belly laugh and it is adorable!  Everyday they amaze me.  I am exhausted, frustrated, busy and at time not sure if I am good at all of this but one thing I know for sure, these 2 little girls are my world and I love them more and more every day!  Hopefully we will have a good week!

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