Friday, April 27, 2012

A great support system makes all the difference!

I would like to thank everyone that in some way send me a note or email or just some words of encouragement after yesterdays post.  It meant a lot!  I was in a bad space yesterday when I blogged and a couple times considered deleting the post. Liv had cried most of the night and all morning for no reason I could help.  If you have been around her I am sure you know she can SCREAM! The worst is in the car!!!  I do feel it was good to finally be honest with my self and everyone that this isn't all rainbows and butterfly's even though I thought it should be in a way.  After the post yesterday the girls must have sensed my frustration especially Liv because they were great for the rest of the day.  I think once they can communicate better and I can respond it might get better and the level of frustration I hope goes down.  Aria slept 7 straight hours last night so she seems to be getting in a good night sleep routine.  Now I just need Liv to get there and I think half the battle will be won.  So today we are heading back to Boston for the Growth and Nutrition Program.  Hopefully it will be a great learning experience and we get a lot accomplished:)

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