Friday, January 21, 2011

Good News/Bad News!

So I will start with the bad news.  The right side of my upper jaw has been hurting for a few days.  I work right next door to my dentist so yesterday I went in to see what was up.  They took x rays and then checked my teeth.  I really wasn't prepared for what came next.  I need a root canal and a crown!  I take care of my teeth!  Some people I know don't take very good care of their teeth and smoke and they have never even had a cavity!  I have dental insurance and it will still cost me over $1000.00.  They told me I need to do it before I get pregnant because you are more susceptible to gum issues when you are pregnant. So now I need to figure out what to do about this issue.
Now for the good news.... my fertility pharmacy called me a few days ago to set up my medications that I will be taking for IVF.  The total cost would be 2496.98.  So we submitted the meds to my insurance to see what they would cover if any of them.  Yesterday the pharmacy called me and said I owe 125.00!!!! So insurance covered all the medications!!!!!  I just had to pay my copays!  So worst case scenario if I have a good eggs to freeze on this cycle and god forbid it doesn't work then my next cycle will only cost 3500.00!  So I might have at least 2 tries.  I REALLY hope I only need one try!

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