Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Beta!

My number was 8649!  I am really excited but I am also a little frustrated.  I waited all day for the call and my phone never rang because I get horrible cell service at my house but normally I can take a call in one place in my kitchen.  Well today I couldn't even get the phone to ring so there was a message on my phone.  They just said to stay on the progesterone and estrace and come in for an ultrasound on the 26th.  I called them back and left them a message to call my landline and left the number.   They call my old landline which should have been taken out of my chart.  Thank god I still get email messages for the next few days until the line is fully cancelled.  They left a message with my HCG number which was good but I wanted to see why they were doing the ultrasound at 7 weeks instead of 6.  Also when I would start lowering my progesterone dose.  I also need reassurance that the number looks good.  So although today didn't go as planned I am still happy for good news.  I knew it had to be going up since last night I actually had to sleep with a sports bra on because the girls hurt.  In al my other pregnancies they never hurt so I am assuming I never made it this far.  We always found they were ectopic at around 6 weeks and who knows how long the hcg wasn't going up.  Anyway, I feel like the 26th is soooo far away!  I just want to know how many and that they look ok!

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  1. The wait must be so hard! The time will pass faster than you think...hang in there!