Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wow my world just got rocked!

Tonight I came home from work and decided that I might has well torture myself and take a pregnancy test.  I knew I should do it in the morning because it is the best time and I also knew a negative was probably the  results because I was well hydrated but I did it anyway.  I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!  As of tonight I am officially pregnant! I don't know if it will last a day or a week or nine months but today I have HCG pumping through my body!  I am unbelievably excited but I am so scared because I know its still early and things can happen but I can't stop starring at the HPT with the beautiful plus sign!  So now I need to have my blood test on Wednesday and then on Thursday and after that I will have an ultrasound a week and a half late and we will find out if it is one or two!