Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waiting Again

I still have a week until my ultrasound!  This is taking FOEVER!  Everyday that goes by I feel more and more pregnant which is good.  Nausea seems to be getting worse everyday.  I also have had some issues with (TMI alert) gas pains.  Sometimes they scare me because I think it is my uterus cramping so bad but then I realize it is gas pains.  I also bought preggie pops for motherhood maternity and I have mixed reviews on them.  Sometimes they work for a little bit and sometimes I suck on them one after another and there is no relief.  So I am still not sure how I feel about them.  The girls hurt off and on and it sometimes I need a sports bra to help contain the pain.  I feel like I have already passed my other pregnancies because I am having a lot more pregnancy symptoms.  I don't remember how many weeks the other pregnancies got to.  I don't think they made it to 6 weeks in my tubes.  SO thats all the news for now.

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  1. Bet you never thought you'd be so happy to be so uncomfortable!