Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 2 of stims

I just finish my second shot of the Gonal-F pen and a few hours ago I felt tiny twinges in my ovaries.  After doing the shot tonight I feel weird.  I feel constant twinges in my ovaries and a weird full feeling if that makes sense.  I am also scared of squishing my ovaries.  I am sure I am overreacting but my pants today needed to be loose because I was so scared that I would mess them up if I wore snug pants.  So hopefully my ovaries are making a bunch of great eggs!!!! The doctor told me I would probably get uncomfortable in a few days.  I start my IVF vacation on Thursday because I thought I would trigger Wednesday.  Now that I am triggering a few days later I thought I might postpone my vacation by 2 days.  The doctor told me to keep my vacation because the more rest I get right before the trigger the better and I will be more comfortable resting than running around helping customers.  So if it all works out with scheduling I will keep my vacation on Thursday and only extend the end of it by 2 days.  I must admit I am really excited to be on vacation so I can relax and de stress and prepare for a (hopefully) positive!  The only other weird side effect I just remembered is I have been craving organic chocolate.  I am not a big chocolate person like some people I know *coughAbbycough* but everyday I just want chocolate.  So I have been getting organic and sharing it with my coworkers.  Weird!


  1. Have a little cough there, Emily?

  2. Hahha a little. You are the most chocoholic person I know!