Friday, March 18, 2011

Was down but not out!

Today I went for the dreaded blood and ultrasound.  I hardly slept last night because I had no idea how the day would turn out.  My estrogen level on Tuesday was like 32.  Today it was over 500 so I am very happy.  Tuesday I didn't have any follicles over 10mm.  Today I have 21 follicles with 12 being over 10!  When the nurse called asked if she thought I would make it to my egg retrieval and she said yes and everything was moving along fine.  I just have to go back tomorrow for another ultrasound and blood and I have to go back every day until  have 2 follicles that reach 18mm and then we trigger ovulation!  I am just nervous that I will stop progressing but the nurse said that I should progress.  So I am very happy with the news and I just hope it keeps getting better!


  1. Hooray Emily! I'm so glad today's ultrasound went better and those sleepy ovaries are waking up!! You know you're going to have to post daily about the ultrasound progress ;-)

  2. Thanks everyone!!! Sara I promise I will have daily updates!