Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am Loaded!!!!!!!

No I am not drunk FYI!  This morning I went in for my blood work and ultrasound.  The ultrasound was very unpleasant!  Actually to be honest it hurt like hell!!!!!  I told the ultrasonographer that hurt a lot more today and she responded "It should because you are loaded!"  It becomes more uncomfortable when you have more follicles because they have to push to get all the measurements. Today I have 15 over 10mm and a total of 28 follicles!  The drugs are working! I still have to wait for the call from the clinic today but I am hoping for the best.  They might let me have the day off from blood and u/s tomorrow! If not I have to drive to Reading, MA!  That is a long haul for 20 min of work, but if they need me to I will do it.  So again its the waiting game!

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  1. Woo-Hoo!! Great news! I'm so glad you're keeping us all updated. :)