Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spoke to soon!

I really should have never mentioned that I was only having minor side effects with lupron!  I have since had a lot more!  It has been a week since I started that injection.  Last night was the worst!  I was up all night and couldn't sleep or get comfortable.  That is one of the major side effects.  I have also had the worst nasal congestion.  When I finally fell asleep I would wake up in a cold sweat!  So I jinxed myself.  This week is a big week....I start the actual IVF cycle.  I go up to 2 injections and then 3 a day.  The next 2 injections stimulate the ovaries to make a lot of eggs.  I am just waiting for that time of the month to start.  I REALLY hope this is my last time of the month for a looooong time!!!  I will be going to Portsmouth about every other day until the retrieval! If all goes well I will be "pregnant" next week!!!! Then it is up to my body to stay pregnant!!!  I can't believe I am soo close!!!

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