Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day off!

Yesterday the doctors office called and said I could have the day off from being poked and prodded by them.  Thanks God I really didn't want to drive to Reading, MA for 20 min at 5:30am!  They also said my estrogen looks good as well as my follicles.  They think I will trigger tomorrow!! At the latest Tuesday!  I go back in tomorrow and we will see what has happened over the weekend.  Yesterday I got to relax and hang out with some friends.  We painted pottery which for me is sooo relaxing and went to dinner.  We did spend like over an hour wandering Target and by the end of it I think I over did it.  I was soooo tired and uncomfortable!  I get tired so easily now.  Probably because my body is working a mile a min trying to grow the follicles.  So I now know I have limits in a day.  By the time we left Target I realized I would have to pull over somewhere and do my nightly shots.  I found a park and ride and felt like a shady drug addict.  My friend Mary was with me and thought it was quite an adventure.  I never want to subject my friends to the actual injection process but it couldn't be helped.  If I had to picture any friend that I would want to subject, it would be Mary.  She can find anything humorous and also I think found it very interesting.  Although she is trying at all cost to get me to name a boy Danny because it sounds like Danny boy when you add our last name Boyd.  She finds it hysterical and told me she would do my injections for me if she could name the boy that.  Needless to say I injected my self.  So there will be no news today!


  1. Glad everything is moving along in the right direction! I'm just going to enjoy my Lupron injections for now because I know I have a much harder journey ahead. Looking forward to finding out what happens tomorrow.

  2. When do you start stims? I am really praying we both end up pregnant and have our children close to each other. That would be really cool!!! We can compare notes along the way:)