Monday, March 21, 2011

So just pull the trigger!

It is officialI trigger tonight at 10pm!  Its Nate's big moment! I am so happy I have made it this far!  I go in for the retrieval Wednesday at 9am!  I am sooo nervous! I hope they get a lot of good quality eggs!  I hope we have enough to put in 2 and freeze the rest.  After last Tuesday I was praying that I would at least make it to this point.  Now a few more hurdles and I might be pregnant!  I am just waiting for the doctor to call me back because they might have me take on more round of menopur with the trigger and I am all out.  So they are seeing if it necessary.  If it is necessary and I can't get it from my pharmacy then I will have to drive down to Mass.  in the next hour to pick it up.  so I am just waiting for that news.  We also book a hotel for tomorrow night because we want to make sure we get the with time to spare especially after the hysteroscopy incident (see sept 2010 post).  The hotel is 7 min from the office so I am comfortable with that distance instead of almost 2 hours in the early morning on 93 and 95 almost in Boston.  That sounds like a stressful nightmare.

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